About Us

Sandpoint Sangha is an evolving work in progress. We are a diverse, dedicated and widespread practice community that come from all walks of life and faiths. The Sangha is a resource, a community of spiritual friendships that support us on our journey to discovering an abiding trust in the deeper dimensions of our nature.

Our current group, Sandpoint Sangha, took shape as we grew into the practice of Insight Meditation with Frank Ostaseski generously offering to guide us in that practice.  We meet on a regular basis for meditation and discussion, with several longer practice opportunities throughout the year.  Currently, we have monthly zoom dharma talks with our guiding teacher, Frank Ostaseski, or supporting/guest teachers  Terry Iddins, or Linda Ries.

Our hope is that this web site will serve as a resource for study and  learning.  We look forward to sharing the teachings.  Please refer to our calendar of events for details.

“At the heart of it the practice is the true teacher. And the practice is living our lives with integrity and love, meeting whatever arises with as much wisdom and compassion as we can muster – attempting, as we are able, to be of service to all beings. Sangha helps us discover how to do that.”                 Frank Ostaseski

We welcome anyone who has an interest, whether a beginning or experienced meditator, in this radical and deeply transformative journey of discovery, inquiry and mindfulness.

“The temple bell stops
but the sound keeps coming
out of the flowers”
~ Matsue Basho