Insight Meditation

Insight meditation or Vipassana is a practice of meditation based on Buddhist traditions and focusing on insightful or inward-looking awareness. The purpose of such insightful meditation is to increase our awareness of the present moment, thus experiencing it with fullness rather than expectation, with acceptance rather than intention, and with curiosity rather than knowing.

Whether we are allowing our mind to rest on the awareness of the sensation of cool water on our fingers or the pouring of sorrow as loss fills us like a pool of blackness, the wholeness of the experience exists within the acceptance of all that it encompasses. Through meditation, we can begin to view our experiences with an open mind and heart, without judgement or expectation, and watch it unfold like the petals of a blossom.

Within the group, we all meditate for different reasons – some of them shared, some of them reflective of our unique lives and their unique purpose. These reasons range from the singular search for truth to a deeper connection to spirit and self. While most of our meditators also practice alone, the group meditations support the power of synergy and collective thought so that we may learn more from the human experience of our community.